Patrick Optical

No, federal law says you are free to get your glasses prescription from any eyewear provider you choose, and have it filled wherever you choose.

Rarely. The plastics available today are much lighter in weight and much safer to use in eyeglasses. And the newer technology to give the best vision can only be processed in the types of plastics now available.

Yes! There are lenses that can reduce thickness and weight by over 50%.

We accept several vision insurance plans. Check our insurance page to see if we are a provider on your plan. If not, many plans have out-of-network benefits.

We do have hundreds of styles to choose from. Our experienced staff is always happy to help guide you in selecting a style that’s flattering but that also works best with your prescription and lens type, whether for reading, distance, lined or no-line multifocals, or sunglasses. You may also want to try out the Eyeglass Guide to help narrow your choices before you come in.

Not necessarily. Occasionally, a frame can be re-used if it is still in good condition. There may also be other considerations in whether a frame can be re-used.